All of my courses dating back to 2006 are archived below. Some external links may no longer work, but the sites themselves should function properly. (If not, let me know!) All of my teaching materials are licensed under Creative Commons, so please feel free to borrow or adapt anything that might be useful in your classes.

Virginia Tech

St. Edward’s University

Iowa State University

What Students Say about My Courses

“One of the best instructors I’ve ever had. The first instructor I felt actually pushed me to my potential.”

“Quinn did a fantastic job with the course. He gave fair grades, was open to other opinions and circumstances and appeared to enjoy the class. I appreciate the extra time he spent to assign rough drafts and to give honest, detailed feedback on all assignments and drafts. I appreciate that the class was in-depth and challenging. Many professors allow us to slack off, but he held us to a higher standard.”

“This class is one of the best structured, organized, material-appropriate classes I’ve taken. Mr. Warnick’s assignments, help, and feedback were excellent.”

“I think that this professor ranks above all my other professors at ISU. I can tell that he really enjoys teaching about technology. He is very patient with his students and that can be difficult when you’re dealing with a room full of students who don’t know what they are doing.”

“Communication outside of class is a must for students. Quinn is excellent with this.”

“Quinn works harder and tries to teach with more effort than other whole departments at ISU. He has passion and the skill to back it up.”

“Thoughtful, showed us different sides of arguments, challenged our thinking.”

“As a person looking into grant writing for future work, I felt that this class exceeded my expectations and gave me a background for grants and proposals that I feel comfortable basing my future employment on. I would say this is the most relevant English class I have taken at ISU.”

“Just as with other courses I’ve had with Quinn, I was nothing but impressed and satisfied with the entirety of the course. He understands pedagogy and how to truly engage students and have the students engage both with the text and one another. There is always a great blend of lecture and discussion, drawing both students and instructor into familiarity and comfortable relationships with one another. Quinn is the best instructor I have had here and an absolute asset to the department. I’m thrilled to have studied under him.”